CG Electronics introduced the 2-1-1 concept in the year 2009. The main objective behind this concept of 2-1-1 service ​is to provide prompt and efficient service to our customers through the largest service network across the country.​

We are not satisfied by just meeting our customers needs because for us that is just the basics. What we aim to create is a ‘WOW” factor in customer‘s mind and for that we are always ready to go for that extra mile. To achieve this goal, we introduced the concept of 2-1-1 service.

Concept of 2 -1- 1 Service

  • 2= 2 Hours response after call Registration
  • 1= 1 Revert Back same day
  • 1= 1 Call to be attended with in 1 Hour of Appointment Slot


The concept on how 2-1-1- service works is rather simple

  • We call our customers back within 2 hours of call registration - where we ask more details about issues
  • We find the solutions within 1 day and get back to our customers with the solution
  • We will attend the call within 1 hour from the appointed time


Our Motives for Introducing 2-1-1 Service

  • Quick and prompt service
  • Call Resolution in one visit through trained and skilled staff
  • Call Resolution through Call center Support
  • Increase customer Satisfaction
  • Increase dealer/trade satisfaction



Note: Applicable only inside Kathmandu Valley.