KENT RO, the market leader in water purification, utilizes its patented multiple purification process of RO+UV+UF+TDS Control to remove dissolved impurities, bacteria & viruses to render pure & natural mineral rich water.

No better way than saying: “KENT Deta Hai Sabse Shuddh Pani”

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KENT offers various UV Water Purifiers that are easy to use and disinfect water without altering its taste and odour. KENT UV Water Purifiers are equipped with a high power UV and also UF membrane which can disinfect the water and make it free from deadly bacteria, viruses and cysts, thereby giving you and your family pure drinking water. Unlike other UV purifiers, KENT also provides a storage tank that allows immediate dispensation of purified water. Further, KENT UV purifiers are available with removable tanks, which makes it easy for cleaning.

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Air Purifiers

KENT presents its state-of-the-art HEPA Technology equipped Air Purifiers which kills viruses present in the air. This ensures that you and your family have an access to clean and pure indoors completely free from pollutants like dust, smoke, pollution and pollens.

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KENT has brought up its high-end non-electric Gravity Water Purifiers that use natural force of gravity to eliminate suspended impurities, bacteria and cyst to make your drinking water pure. This eradicates the rising problem of contaminated water in rural areas.

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Kitchen Appliances

KENT acknowledges the struggle behind all homemakers to cook healthy and tasty food with a deep ‘Sense of Purity’. KENT offers a wide range of uniquely designed kitchen appliances that lets your family have a taste of home-cooked food in a modular way.

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Vacuum Cleaners

KENT’s Vacuum Cleaners are designed with unique features like Bagless, Cordless, Hoseless and Rechargeable while keeping in mind your exclusive needs. Powered with revolutionary Cyclonic technology and UV Disinfectant technology, these vacuum cleaners scoop up dust at high-speed to remove pollutants from indoor environment.

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Vegetable Cleaners

KENT’s extensive range of Next-Gen Vegetable Cleaners, based on Ozone Technology, effectively removes insecticides, pesticides, chemicals and pathogens from the surface of your fruits, vegetables and meat to keep your family safe from consuming chemical laden food.

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About Us

Known for providing some of the best water purification services known to man, Kent is another one of our partners that ensures that you get the best of what you deserve. This company that was started rather recently in 1999 has come a long way since its inception and has revolutionized the world with unique and safer ways to save, purify as well as increase the quality of the preserved water.

The good thing is that ever since partnering with CG electronics back in 2013, Kent has been working to spread the safety of water it has envisioned with us. The team members at both Kent and our CG electronics ensure you the best quality service in water purification, regardless of where you go.

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