15% OFF 8KG Front Loading Washing Machine

Model: WER860541G

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  • ProSmart Inverter Motor
  • SteamCure
  • Bluetooth Connectivity with HomeWhiz
  • StainExpert Programme
  • Fast Wash for Small Load - 2kg in 14 min
  • Anti-Allergy Programme
  • Fast+ Function
  • Quick Programme - 8kg in 28 min
  • Aquawave Technology
  • 1 Year Comprehensive, including 10 Years on Motor​
MRP. 86390
Offer Price. 73490
8KG Front Loading Washing Machine
MRP. 86390
Offer Price. 73490

Product Description

ProSmart Inverter Motor
ProSmart offers energy efficiency, lower sound levels and higher durability - all in a single machine. All so you get the most from your washing machine without disturbing your monthly budget or piece of mind.

You feel compelled to pre-treat laundry whenever you see a stain. SteamCure technology does the work for your, applying steam to the stain before the wash, softening up dirt and making it easier to remove. It also helps to reduce wrinkles, so put away that iron – you've got less to do both before and after the wash now.

Bluetooth Connectivity with HomeWhiz
Control and monitor your washing machine from your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and the HomeWhiz app. Let the programme wizard choose the best programme for your load, download new programmes to match your specific laundry needs and even set the time when you want your laundry to be finished. 

StainExpert Programme
StainExpert is designed specially to get rid of 24 different kinds of stains so you won’t have to pre-treat any stain anymore.

Fast Wash for Small Load - 2kg in 14 min
Perfect for when you're in a hurry, the Super Short programme can wash a 2kg load of laundry in just 14 minutes.

Anti-Allergy Programme
Great for allergy or asthma sufferers, our Anti-Allergy programme, endorsed by Allergy UK, helps reduce the amount of allergens in your laundry including cat, dog and pollen allergens, as well as bacteria and fungi.

Fast+ Function
Perfect for when you're in a hurry, the Fast+ function shortens programme durations by up to 55% with the help of increased drum movements and optimised temperature control.

Quick Programme - 8kg in 28 min
You don't need to wait hours for your washing machine to finish its cycle thanks to our Quick programme. You'll be able to wash a full 8kg load of laundry in just 28 minutes - saving you time and money.

Aquawave Technology
A specially designed drum pattern, with the help of paddles, gently moves your laundry in a wave-like drum action. So, your clothes move smoothly around in the drum. AquaWave glass in the door is curved too, moving the clothes more easily, giving a better mixing effect while increasing washing performance.


Brand Beko
Capacity 8 Kg
Voltage/Frequency 220-240 V/50 Hz
Number Of Programs 15
Max. Spin Speed 1600
Motor Type ProSmart Inverter Motor
Max. Spin Speed 1600/1200/800/600 Rinse Hold/No Spin
Steam Wash Steamcure
Drum Stainless Steel
Color Manhattan Gray
Dimensions 60 W x 59 D x 84 H cm
Net Weight 71 Kg
Child Lock Yes

Special Features

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