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Model: WDR854P14N1MG

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  • ProSmart Inverter Motor
  • Xpress Super Short 14 Min Programme
  • AntiCrease
  • Aquawave Technology
  • Daily Express Programme
  • WoolmarkApparel Care Programme
  • Wash & Wear Programme
  • Refresh Programme
  • Hygiene+ Wash & Dry Programme
  • 1 Year Comprehensive, including 10 Years on Motor 
MRP. 103790
Offer Price. 88290
8/5KG Front Loading Washer Dryer
MRP. 103790
Offer Price. 88290

Product Description

ProSmart Inverter Motor
ProSmart offers energy efficiency, lower sound levels and higher durability - all in a single machine. All so you get the most from your washing machine without disturbing your monthly budget or piece of mind.

Xpress Super Short 14 Min Programme
Xpress Super Short 14 Min Programme allows you to wash up to 2 kg of laundry in just 14 minutes. 2 kg might not sound like much but that’s like 20 t-shirts! That’s more than enough to get you out the door.

AntiCrease function powered by IonGuard technology, tumbles the drum periodically at the end of the cycle to keep clothes fresh and wrinkle-free

Aquawave Technology
A specially designed drum pattern, with the help of paddles, gently moves your laundry in a wave-like drum action. So, your clothes move smoothly around in the drum. AquaWave glass in the door is curved too, moving the clothes more easily, giving a better mixing effect while increasing washing performance.

Daily Express Programme
Full capacity cleaning in 28 minutes

WoolmarkApparel Care Programme
WoolmarkApparel Care Programmeregulates drum movements to wash your machine-washable woollenswith the care they deserve.

Wash & Wear Programme
Got an hour until that important meeting or a promising first date but nothing clean to wear? That’s all the time you need to wash and dry 1 kg of laundry with the Wash & Wear Program. Now you can have a full outfit ready to wear in an hour.

Refresh Programme
Now there’s an alternative solution for those clothes not dirty enough for a wash but not clean enough to wear either. Refresh Programmepowered by IonGuardtechnology removes unwanted odoursfrom your lightly-worn clothes. Fresh ions and steam circulate the drum and refresh clothes without the need for a full wash.

Hygiene+ Wash & Dry Programme
Ultra-hygienic results at any temperature


Brand Beko
Capacity 8 Kg Wash / 5 Kg Dry
Voltage/Frequency 220-240 V/50 Hz
LED Display White Color
Number Of Programs 16
Max. Spin Speed 1400
Motor Type Brushless
Drum Stainless Steel
Steam Wash No
Color Manhattan Gray
Cable Length 1.80 meters
Dimensions 59 cm x 60 cm x 84 cm (dxwxh)
Net Weight 69 Kg
Child Lock Yes

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