Products Warranty


Gift set 1 year 1 year    
Fry Pan 1 year 1 year    
Kadai 1 year 1 year    
Tawa 1 year 1 year    
Gravy Pot 1 year 1 year    
LPG Gas Stoves 2 years 2 years   glass, plastic parts of stove
Glass Top Premium Gas Stoves 7 years on Glass, burners & valve 7 years   plastic parts
Mixer Grinder 2 years 2 years   breakage or cracking of body lid and denting of jars, plastic , corrosive or glass components
Hand Blender 2 years 2 years   Plastic parts
Portable Blender 1 year 1 year   Plastic parts
Pressure Cooker 5 year 5 year   weight valve, vent tuve, gasket, safety plug, handles, washers and fasteners
Iron 1 year 1 year   sole plate coating, plastic and glass components 
Kettle 1 year 1 year   corrosive, plastic and glass components 
Induction Cooktop 1 year 1 year   corrosive, plastic and glass components 



  1. The products covered under warranty will be repaired/replaced free of cost for the defects only due to faulty material/workmanship.
  2. Only the company/authorized service agent may service/repair Pigeon products under the terms of warranty, provided to the purchaser only at the workshop location of the company service center/authorized service center. The customer shall bear all expenses (to & fro conveyance and other incidental expenses) for carrying the Pigeon products to the nearest dealer.
  3. In the event of repair/replacement of any part of the products, this warranty will thereafter continue and remain in force only for the unexpired period of the original warranty. At no stage, replacement of the entire unit will be done except the defective parts which are manufacturing defect & under warranty.
  4. In no event shall the company or its authorized service agent be liable for special or consequential damage or resulting liability, damage or loss arising directly or indirectly for any delay on the performance of the warranty due to causes beyond control.
  5. The warranty shall not in the any case, extend towards payment or any monetary consideration whatsoever, the company employees or its authorized representatives have no authority to vary the terms of this warranty.
  6. A copy of the warranty card should be given to the service person by the customer, otherwise service charges shall be levied.
  7. Servicing means no cleaning or washing of products, only replacement of spares. Customer have to clean the products before servicing when service person comes or give to dealer/distributor/company for repair/service.
  8. The products/appliances must be used with all normal care and maintenance in accordance with instructions for use recommended by us.
  9. Warranty does not cover any products which has been tampered with, altered or serviced by any other person or agency other than authorized service personnel.
  10. The warranty is valid only if this card is duly signed and stamped by our dealer and is produced along with original customer’s copy of the purchase bill.



  1. The appliance is not used according to the instructions in the user manual.
  2. Defects are caused by improper/reckless use.
  3. Any repair work has been carried out by an authorized personnel.
  4. The original serial number is deleted. Defaced or altered.
  5. Unless the card is completed and signed by the dealer immediately on the purchase of products.
  6. If any alteration is done by way of adjustments, addition, accident, attack by household pests, excessive voltage, flood, fire or other natural calamities.
  7. If the product is struck by any natural calamity.
  8. If the products are used for any purpose other than domestic use.
  9. The damage is caused due to rinsing the hot nonstick cookware in water, if the burning of nonstick coating due to dry heating or too high heating (In case of Non-Stick cookware).