20% OFF TCL 2.0 Tr Floor Standing Air Conditioner - TAC24FHRA

Model: TAC24FHRA

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  • Auto Protection
  • Auto Restart Ioniser Quiet Operation
  • Anti-Cold Air Strong Cooling
  •  Heating 10-hour Automatic Power Off LED Display
  • 1 Year Comprehensive
  • Including 5 years on Compressor 
MRP. 178190
Offer Price. 142590
TCL 2.0 Tr Floor Standing Air Conditioner - TAC24FHRA
MRP. 178190
Offer Price. 142590

Product Description

  • Auto Protection With auto-protection function errors will bede tected by the PCB and displayed by LED on the indoor unit.
  • Protection will be taken.
  • Auto Restart After being turned off or in case of an accidental power cut,
  • TCL air-conditioners are able to retain and restore the temperature and other settings, until being turned on or the power supply is resumed.
  • Ioniser It is intended to Eliminate the static, absorb and gather tiny dust and fall them to the ground,
  • purify the air,
  •  deliver a balanced positive and negative ions.
  • Quiet Operation Both the indoor and outdoor units are designed with a consummate operating mechanism (i.e. insulation blanket for the compressor, and lowernoises motor) which minimizes their noises, so as to allow you to enjoy a cooled-down living space,
  • despite of the sizzling heat outside.
  • Anti-Cold Air In heating mode, the fan speed is controlled according to the evaporator temperature,
  • Only when the evaporator is warm enough, the cross fan begins to run, preventing any cold blasting.
  • Strong Cooling and Heating Equipped with compressors and motors made by renowned manufactures, is able to bring you a cool experience at the quickest time
  • 10-hour Automatic Power Off It will be subject to the automatic power-off after operating 10h, so as to save power and protect the environment.
  • LED Display User-friendly design, LED Display


Brand TCL
AC Type Non Inverter
Cooling Capacity (BTU) 24000
Heating Capacity (BTU) 26000
Refrigerant R410A
Compressor Type Rotary
Power Supply 220-240V AC 50 Hz
Net Dimension- Indoor(mm) 1740 x 480 x 330 mm

Special Features

Auto Protection & Auto Restart
Strong cooling & heating