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Model: TAC18CHSA/XA41

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Warranty: Local Manufacturer Warranty
  • Auto Protection
  • Auto Restart
  • Ioniser
  • Timer Mode
  • Independent Dehumidification
  • High Efficient
  • Internal Thread Copper Pipe
  • Quiet Operation
  • Anti-Cold
  • Air Strong Cooling and Heating
  • 10-hour Automatic Power Off
  • Anti-mildew
  • Filter Mesh
  • LED Display
  • Global Power Supply Design (Plug)
  • Warranty:1 Year
  • Comprehensive,
  • Including 5 years on Compressor
MRP. 93790
Offer Price. 79690

Product Description

Auto Protection

With auto-protection function errors will be detected by the PCB and displayed by LEDon the indoor unit. Protection will be taken.

Auto Restart

After being turned off or in case of anaccidental power cut, TCL air-conditionersare able to retain and restore thetemperature and other settings, until beingturned on or the power supply is resumed. Ioniser It is intended to Eliminate the static, absorband gather tiny dust and fall them to theground, purify the air, and deliver a balanced positive and negative ions.

Timer Mode

It is equipped with the 24h/12h timing on/off function. Independent Dehumidification The independent dehumidifying function is able to keep your clothes dry even if the weather gets humid, thus freeing you form worries.

High Efficient Internal Thread Copper Pipe

With the new optimizing and trapezoidal internal thread copper pipe, the heat exchange area is increased, the heat exchange efficiency is improved, and therefrigerant (heating) efficiency is enhanced.

Quiet Operation Both the indoor and outdoor units are designed witha consummate operating mechanism (i.e.insulation blanket for thecompressor, and lower-noise motor) which minimizes their noises, so as to allow you to enjoy a cooled-down living space, despite of the sizzling heat outside.

Anti-Cold Air

In heating mode, the fan speed is controlled according to the evaporator temperature, Only when the evaporator is warm enough, the cross fan begins to run, preventing any cold blasting.

Strong Cooling and Heating Equipped

with compressors and motors made by renowned manufactures, is able to bring you a cool experience at the quickest time 10-hour

Automatic Power Off

It will be subject to the automatic power-off after operating 10h, so as to save power and protect the environment. Anti-mildew After shutting off, the cross fan still runs 3additional minutes, Therefore, humidification in the indoor unit will be dried, There is no change to mildew. Filter Mesh Easy to be dismantled and cleaned can guarantee a healthy indoor environment.

LED Display

User-friendly design, LED Display Global Power Supply Design (Plug) It can meet different kinds of globalized power supplies and sockets.


Brand TCL
Compressor Type Rotary
AC Type Non Inverter
Power Supply 220-240V AC 50 Hz
Refrigerant R410A
Heating Capacity (BTU) 18500
Cooling Capacity (BTU) 18000
Indoor Noise Level (dB) 41/38/35
Remote Control Yes

Special Features

Auto Protection & Auto Restart
Strong cooling & heating

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