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  • 260 Instacook Recipes
  • Oil Free Recipes
  • Healthy Bread Basket
  • Deodorizer and Steam Clean
  • Stainless Steel Cavity
  • Dual Grill Technology
  • Multi Distribution System
  • International Recipes
  • Defrost
  • Digital Display
  • Instachef App
  • 3 Years Warranty on Magnetron*
MRP. 23290
Offer Price. 18590
Godrej Convection Microwave Oven
MRP. 23290
Offer Price. 18590

Product Description

260 Instacook Recipes

The new Godrej microwave oven comes with the highest number of InstaCook menus. This oven not just comes with a pre-programmed list of recipes, but also let you create and explore all the recipes around the world

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 Healthy Fry - Oil Free Recipes

 Flavour of fried food without the guilt is now possible with the Health Fry feature. Enjoy delicious dishes like Aloo Tikki, Tandoori Chicken or Paneer Pakoda with Zero oil  

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Healthy Bread Basket

Now make an assortment of Indian staple Bread, Pav and Tandoori Roti, Naan, Paratha, Kulcha and International bread like Garlic Bread, Burger Bun, etc. with just a push of a button

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Healthy Indian Tadka

 In Indian cuisine, any dish is considered complete only when it gets some tadka. Which is why, when making a truly Indian microwave oven, we added a healthy Tadka feature.


Healthy Fermentation

 Creating a yummy batter for idli, appam, jalebis,and dhokla have never been this easy. Just choose the fermentation and batter option

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Deodorizer and Steam Clean

The deodorizer function removes all the residual smell inside the microwave oven and leaves it hygienic, fresh and ready for your next dish.


Stainless Steel Cavity

The stainless steel cavity helps in keeping the cavity rust-free and also increases the life of the cavity

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Dual Grill Technology

 The unique top and back placement of grills help you roast, bake and grill delicious dishes by delivering continuous and even heating at modulated power levels


Multi Distribution System

The unique multi distribution helps you in faster and even cooking by allowing heat to be distributed evenly

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Save time by using microwave power to defrost frozen food by just setting the time


Digital Display

You can keep an eye on how long your food has been inside the oven or if your dishes are done by taking a glance at this microwave oven's digital display

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Instachef App

 With Godrej Instachef app, you can make the most of your Godrej Microwave Oven. Enjoy 450+ pre-programmed recipes with a healthy twist!


Magnetron Warranty

Godrej Microwave Ovens guarantee peace of mind for you with their state-of-the-art technology and a 3-year warranty on Magnetron. So, you can enjoy healthy and hot food for years to come.

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Indian Recipes

 Godrej Eon'ss Microwave Oven'ss InstaCook menus let you cook and relish dishes from across the country. The Flavours of North, East, West, South is now available in your kitchen


International Recipes

Go on an international culinary journey with Godrej Eon Microwave Oven'ss InstaCook menu that lets you try recipes from around the globe

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Healthy Breakfast and Snacks

  Start your day on a healthy note. Prepare tasty and nutritious breakfast dishes like Upma or Poha with utmost ease for your first meal of the day or just as a light snack


Healthy Deserts and Soups

 We'sve got you covered for the whole meal, starting from healthy soups, all the way to delicious desserts. Because we know that a health enthusiast can be a cupcake eater too.

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Paneer, Ghee and Curd

 Forget ever having to stand in front of the stove, struggling to make Paneer. Now make fresh paneer, curd,and ghee in a hygienic way


Child Lock

 The child lock function prevents keys from getting accidentally pressed avoiding any interruption while cooking in the Godrej Microwave Oven


4 Step Cooking

 Cook any recipe in the Godrej microwave oven in just 4 easy steps.



Brand Godrej
Grill Input Power(W) 1000W
Microwave Input Power(W) 1400W
Microwave Output Power(W) 900W
Net Weight (in Kg) 15.11 Kg
Dimensions 281x483x414 mm (hxwxd)
Cavity Type Stainless Steel
Capacity 25 Ltrs
Heater Power(W) 1950W
Control(Manual/ Digital) Touch Keypad

Special Features

Multi Distribution system
Multi-stage cooking
Dual Grill Technology

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